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Born in 1973 in Linz into a family of musicians, he started with learning Cello at the age of 7 at the Musikschule Linz. and began to study Tuba in 1987 at the Bruckner Conservatory taught by the Canadian Prof. Robert Herdman. In this time he also absolved the Musikgymnasium (high school diploma 1992). As a part of the choir of this school, he toured through Europe with Franz Welser-Möst (Head of Cleveland Orchestra) and also played a Tuba solo (Petit Valse Europienne) conducted by FWM. As soldier he defended his homeland with soloing Arbans „Carnival de Venice“. 1992 he got a Ophicleide and played since then in orchestras (Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, Concerto Köln, Joe Zawinul) 

He was co-founder of some bands, like Roi Blech Orchester, New Ohr Linz, Blue Danube Brass Band and Russkaja, and played in projects like Heavy Tuba feat. Jon Sass.

1993 he started to teach tuba, euphonium and music theory at the Landesmusikschule Neuhofen an der Krems, since 1995 at the Music School of Linz. 

He wrote already about 60 arrangements for symphony orchestra and over 200 arrangements for different bands, especially for the late night show „Willkommen Österreich“ where he is part of the house band since 2007.